Innovation Centers

TASMC Research Centers of Excellence

Ichilov's innovation centers nurture from within the clinical units scientific creativity ‎and curiosity. ‎


The Morris Kahn Center for Research in Personalized Medicine

​Innovative pioneering research focused on personalizing care to each individual.
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Sagol Brain Institute

The Institute is dedicated to the investigation of the human brain via MRI and EEG multi-dimensional data.
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Oncology Research, Development & and Innovation unit

The unit conducts progressive research covering a broad range of cancer disciplines and treatments. 

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I-Medata AI Center

​Transforming the face of medicine with artificial intelligence
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Levin Center of Surgical Innovation & 3D Printings

Bringing surgery into the next dimension The Levin Center for 3D Printing and Surgical Innovation develops and delivers next-generation 3D solutions to help perfect personalized patient care.
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The Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine

Treatment of complex medical problems by Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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The Center for Advanced Cellular Therapies (I-ACT)

The Center for Advanced Cellular Therapies (I-ACT) is a GMP clean room facility licensed by the Israeli ministry of Health for the manufacture of gene, cell and tissue based therapies for human application. 
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The Sieratzki-Sagol Institute for Sleep Medicine

The new Institute for Sleep, is the first of its kind in Israel and includes: sleep clinics, sleep labs, and research laboratories, whose clinical and research staff work together under one roof.
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Laboratory for Early Markers Of Neurodegeneration

Our mission is to better understand the pathological process of ageing and neurological diseases and discover new markers of neurodegeneration.

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Varda and Boaz Dotan Center for Advanced Therapies

Anti-tumor therapy with engineered T cells, such a CAR-T, has been transformative in overcoming some aggressive malignancies.
Genetic engineering can rewire T cell circuits and augment their anti-tumor activity.
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