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Benjamin Soffer

CEO Ichilov Tech

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Ichilov Tech, Ichilov hospital's innovation company, curates design partnerships with Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem to advance HealthTech innovation. Ichilov Tech streamlines collaboration between the hospital and the external startup and corporate community and guides faculty and staff in their advancement of groundbreaking medical solutions for successful market application

To ensure medical needs are continuously met by cutting-edge science and effective care, Ichilov Tech - Ichilov hospital's innovation company - champions interdisciplinary research, innovation ideation, and industry collaboration.

Responsible for all aspects of innovation management, Ichilov Tech supports hospital scientists and physicians in their advancement of groundbreaking medical solutions for patient health and wellbeing. From idea validation and incubation, through clinical trials and IP licensing, our activities educate and nurture with the aim of positioning discovery for effective market application.

Complementing these efforts, our office streamlines communication and collaboration between the hospital and the external startup and corporate ecosystem. Through an array of activity, we facilitate IP licensing, co-discovery cooperation and internal hospital network, resource, and expertise navigation.


Benjamin Soffer

CEO Ichilov Tech

Omer Muzzafi

COO Ichilov Tech

Rotem Erlich

Intellectual Property Manager

Dr. Asher Castiel

Director of Business Development and Tech Transfer, Ichilov Tech

Tali Marienberg

Business Development Manager, Oncology Division

Yael Arusi

Administrative Assistant

Noam Uzrad

Director – Israel Med Innovation Lab

Board of Directors


Prof. Ronni Gamzu

Member of the Board

Dr. Ronit Bendori

Member of the Board

Dr. Ella Tenenbaum-Koren

Member of the Board

Shmuel (Milky) Rubinstein

Member of the Board

Prof. Nir Giladi

Member of the Board

Prof. Eli Sprecher

Member of the Board

Ilan Sofer

Member of the Board

Yariv Hellman

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Connect with us to pursue stronger medical need assessment, goal-oriented discovery, and targeted market application.

Omer Muzzafi B.Sc., M.B.A

Industry Liaison Manager at Ichilov-Tech
Ichilov Innovation and Tech Transfer Company
Division of Research & Development
Tel- Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
6 Weizmann St. Tel-Aviv 64239, Israel
T: +972-3-6947810 | M: +972-544380517

Big Things Happen Here.

Through Ichilov Tech, groundbreaking medical solutions are reaching more patients. Meet the innovators, drivers, and discoveries that are making big things happen.


Yoav’s patients dreaded their multiple-times-a-day trach tube cleaning. So, Yoav invented a smarter solution.


Safer grounds for the elderly. procedureProven motor-cognitive technology from Ichilov is on trajectory to market through GaitBetter, a startup that helps reduce fall risk.


Israeli-Canadian biotech company Vaxil is partnering with Ichilov to develop a potential peptide vaccine against COVID-19.


The Beta Site with Holistic Value.

We partner with industry's best technological minds, successful entrepreneurs, and visionary investors to disrupt the continuum of healthcare and jointly create the future of medicine. Learn how your company can leverage Ichilov’s resources, facilities, expertise, and clinical data to further our shared mission ensuring medical needs are consistently met with cutting-edge science and effective care.

Faculty & Staff

Proof-of-Concept to Prototype

Advance your ideas with effective, relevant and knowledgeable strategic counsel and industry access. Our resources and tailored professional teams of external academic and commercial experts will help you develop from proof of concept to prototype while ensuring you are equipped with the understanding of technology transfer, intellectual property, and discovery commercialization.

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