Oncology Research, Development & and Innovation unit

Center of Excellence

The unit conducts progressive research covering a broad range of cancer disciplines and treatments. The scope includes clinical studies at the Medical Center, Israeli and international programs, and basic science research in collaboration with worldwide leading research centers such as EORTC and CECOG from the EU and RTOG/NSABP from the US The Oncology Research Development and Innovation unit is dynamic operation allows tailored made solution for each patient with vast variety of clinical trials, technologies, support platforms to suit each patient per their disease condition and even provide a first innovation therapeutic option. In high competitive environment, stressed and with limited resources we can give you the advantage how to receive grant or even apply for it. We are here to support, navigate, search, investigate and map the development options to execute the idea in the most efficient, effective, with alignment as can per the need along with the vision and strategy of the company / Institute Our mission is to create strong collaboration between our partners in order to deliver high quality research nationally and internationally. Bridge the gap between the different players in the research arena.


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Primary Investigators
רוית גבע

Dr. Ravit Geva

03-6973082 ravitg@tlvmc.gov.il


Mrs. Tali Schaffer

+‎972-54-3970717‎ talisch@gtlvmc.gov.il


Sammy Ofer Heart Building

8th floor Room 96-98

ADIR-O- Advanced Development Innovation & IIT Research in Oncology

The unit has a unique service called ADIR-O, which is game changer for innovation projects relating in the Oncology spectrum. Our strength and vision is functioning under the comprehensive R&D infrastructure of the hospital, which provide additional support and Services such as institutional Bio Bank, Tech transfer office and commercialization abilities. 

Our mission is to cure cancer  And the better way is together with collaborations, shared knowledge and joined forces Want to accelerate and boost your idea or innovative product?

contact us and let’s collaborate!



Our Team

לי לביא

Lee Lavi Kutchuk

Coordinator Project Lead leelavi@tlvmc.gov.il

שיר בריליה

Shir Barilier

Coordinator Project Lead shirba@tlvmc.gov.il


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