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Levin Center of Surgical Innovation & 3D Printing


Our Vision

Bringing surgery into the next dimension The Levin Center for 3D Printing and Surgical Innovation develops and delivers next-generation 3D solutions to help perfect personalized patient care. The multi-disciplinary discovery center setting the standard in surgical practice As a hub of synergistic collaboration between Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center­’s interdisciplinary staff, academic researchers, and industry pioneers, the Levin Center is spearheading the development and implementation of compelling surgical technologies that are destined to become the benchmark in care.


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Primary Investigators
דדיה שלמה

Dr. Solomon Dadia, Director

Email: dadias@tlvmc.gov.il

ערן גולדן

Eran Golden, Lead Engineer

Email: erangol@tlvmc.gov.il

עמית בנאדי

Dr Amit Benady, Head of Research & PI

Email: amitbe@tlvmc.gov.il



‎Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Ichilov



Patient-specific Ti-6Al-4V Lattice Implants for Critical-sized Load-bearing Bone Defects Reconstruction
Knee joint sparing surgery using customized 3D printed guides as part of limb salvage surgeries following primary bona sarcoma

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Highlight Publications

A review of 3D printind in orthopedic oncology.

Amit, Benady., J Sam, Meyer., Dor, Freidin., Yuval, Ran., Eran, Golden., Kwok, Chuen Wong,. & Solomon, Dadia. (2022).  Future Medicine, https://doi.org/10.2217/3dp-2022-0001

Intercalary and geographic lower limb tumor resections with the use of 3D printed Patient Specific Instruments- when less is more.

Amit, Benady ., Solomon, Dadia ., (2022)  Journal of Orthopaedics Volume 32, July–August 2022, Pages 36-42


Intraoperative three-dimensional navigation for surgical treatment of osteoid osteoma in the foot and ankle – A series of 14 cases.

Ron, Gurel ., Nisan, Amzallag ., Amit, Benady ., Ben, Efrima ., Juan, Barriga ., Yair, Gortzak ., Amir, Sternheim ., Solomon, Dadia ., Nathan, Hasbani ., Ortal, Segal . (2022) . Foot Ankle Surg
. 2022 Dec;28(8):1468-1472.

Internal Hemipelvectomy for primary bone sarcomas using intraoperative patient specific instruments‑ the next step in limb salvage concept.

Amit, Benady ., Yair, Gortzak ., Summer, Sofer ., Yuval, Ran ., Netta, Rumack ., Avital, Elias ., Ben, Efrima ., Eran, Golden ., Ortal, Segal ., Omri, Merose ., Amir, Sternheim ., Solomon, Dadia. (2022)BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders volume 23, Article number: 1012 (2022)

3D Printing in Orthopedic Oncology.

Amir, Sternheim ,. Yair, Gortzak ,.Yehuda, Kolander ,.Solomon,Dadia ,. (2019).  ScienceDirect, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-323-58118-9.00015-4

In situ cryoablation of sacral Giant Cell Tumor using three-dimensional (3D) model: A case report

Avital, Elias ., Amit, Benady ., Eran, Golden ., Ortal, Segal ., Solomon, Dadia . (2022) . J Orthop. 2022 Feb 10;30:46-50

Tri-dimensional model for ventilation tube permeability; Tri-dimensional model for ventilation tube permeability.Omer, J Ungar., Solomon, Dadia., Oron, Yahav., Ophir, Handzel., Dan M, Fliss., Oren Cavel. (2018).  PMID: 30178418 DOI: 10.1007/s00405-018-5117-y

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Optimal Head Position Following Intratympanic Injections of Steroids, As Determined by Virtual Reality.

Omer J., Ungar ., Ophir, Handzel ., Limor, Haviv ., Solomon, Dadia ., Oren, Cavel ., Dan M., Fliss ., Yahav, Oron . (2019)  SAGE Journals Volume 161, Issue 6

3D-printed Cutting Guides for Lower Limb Deformity Correction in the Young Population.

Roy, Gigi ., Yair, Gortzak ., Juan Barriga, Moreno ., Eran, Golden ., Ronnie, Gabay ., Netta, Rumack ., Moshe, Yaniv ., Solomon, Dadia ., Eitan, Segev. (2022).  J Pediatr Orthop. 2022 May-Jun;42(5):e427-e434. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000002104

The use of three-dimensional printing and virtual reality to develop a personalised airway plan in a 7.5-year-old child- A case report.

Ruth, Shaylor ., Vladimir, Verenkin ., Eran. Golden ., Idit, Matot ., (2020).  European Journal of Anaesthesiology 37(6):p 512-515

A tale of three countries: Three-dimensional printing for procedural simulation in the digital era.

Ruth, M Shaylor,. Ian T, Chao ., Jeremy, S Young ., Jasamine M, Coles Black ,. (2021)  Anaesth Intensive Care .2021 Mar;49(2):140-143. doi: 10.1177/0310057X21993130.

Development and validation of a 3D printed antiviral ventilator filter – a comparative study.

Ruth, Shaylor ., Mathew, Francis ., Esther, Shaylor ., Solomon, Dadia ., Barak, Cohen . (2021) BMC Anesthesiology volume 21, Article number: 115

In-hospital production of 3D-printed casts for non-displaced wrist and hand fractures.

Shai, Factor., Franck, Atlan., Tamir, Pritsch., Netta, Rumack., Eran, Golden., Solomon, Dadia.(2022).  SICOT J. 2022;8:20. doi: 10.1051/sicotj/2022021


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