For Faculty. Opening the capabilities of heart bypass

Dr. Ashr Castiel & Tali Marienberg

Innovation and Tech Transfer

Industry Needs You

Yanai knew there was a smarter way to ensure bypass surgery. So he designed one. Now his invention is on the market and delivers better care for patients worldwide. Beyond advancing your own ideas, explore the many ways you can contribute your expertise to solving pressing market needs.

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Let us,together,transform your idea into a reality and build the future of medicine!

פטנטים והמחקר שלי

הסבר בנושא רישום פטנטים בכל הנוגע למחקרים המתבצעים במרכז הרפואי תל אביב,הפוטנציאל למסחורם וההגנה על נכסי הקניין הרוחני הנוצרים בהם.

יש לך רעיון? מחקר פורץ דרך?

Bring your idea to market

Connect with business professionals to advance your idea with effective, relevant and knowledgeable strategic counsel.

Be part of founding team

Beyond counsel, join a startup as a founding member and get busy!

Collaborate with entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need healthcare experts to advise, counsel and connect.

Champion a new technology

There are incredible innovations out there. Become a champion for one that you believe in.

Be an advisor

Support larger companies in their efforts and critical decisions with your expert opinion.

Sit on a board

Govern companies in their effort to bring their solutions to patients and healthcare markets.

You know there’s a better way. Let’s get it done, together.

Tech Transfer & IP

Great ideas alone do not advance patient health and wellbeing. That’s why our mission at Ichilov Tech is to advance great ideas to action. From idea validation and incubation through clinical trials and IP licensing, we support Ichilov faculty and staff in their advancement of groundbreaking medical solutions for effective market application.

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