The Morris Kahn Center for Research in Personalized Medicine


The Morris Kahn Center for Research in Personalized Medicine center advances the Medical Center's precision medicine philosophy that research, and specifically, research in personalized medicine, is an inseparable from medical excellence. The center proactively takes a leap forward in establishing the infrastructure needed for research success.

The 32,000-square-foot (3,000-square-meter) facility is located on the tenth floor of the Sammy Ofer Heart Building. It hosts state-of-the-art research laboratories, where scientists, researchers, and doctors from diverse disciplines conduct research destined to define the future of medicine. The center is also home to research conducted by several prominent hospital laboratories, which rely on the center's specialized infrastructure for cell sorting and analysis, conference rooms, and seminar-hosting areas. It will be the Medical Center's hub of basic science research and translational medicine activities for converting scientific results into treatment solutions. A research center of this magnitude demonstrates the Medical Center's commitment to the medical innovation ecosystem where researchers benefit from medicine's most advanced research infrastructure and services

​Innovative pioneering research focused on personalizing care to each individual.

Research disciplines and laboratories in the Morris Kahn Center