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Center for interdisciplinary innovation in bone healthcare


Our Vision

Inovating healthcare technology related to treatment of human bones by bringing together engineering skills at the Tel-Aviv University (TAU) and medical expertise and knowledge at the Sourasky Medical Center (SMC)


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Primary Investigators

Prof. Zohar Yosibash , Lab PI

Head of Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation in Bone Healthcare;School of Mechanical Engineering;Vice Dean of Research of the Faculty of Engineering
Phone: +972-52-8795751


Ted Arison Medical Tower

10th floor, Room 70-72‎
‎6 weizmann st.‎, Tel Aviv



From diagnosis to personalized 3D printed implant for patients with metastatic bone disease - an AI-assisted holistic system

A holistic patient-specific system is developed to assist orthopedic oncologist surgeons

to a) improve diagnosis on the need of a prophylactic surgery for patients with femoral tumors,

b) suggest the bone-tissue to be removed and c) determine an optimal design of a 3D printed


The center addresses the unmet needs of patients, doctors and clinical experts.

Current research is targeted at preventive medicine, diagnostics, therapy and disease management through advanced experimental technology, computer simulations of biomechanical processes, deep learning technology, simulation of physiological processes, advanced materials and novel medical devices. 

By computer simulations, we aim at predicting fracture risk in osteoporotic geriatric patients, and risk of fracture in patients with metastatic bone disease.

Patient-Specific Design of Sacrum Insufficiency Fixations
Efficacy of Radiation Therapy Applied to Femoral Tumors

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Highlighted Publications

Pathological fracture risk assessment in patients with femoral metastases using CT-based finite element methods. A retrospective clinical study

Sternheim A., Giladi O., Gortzak Y., Drexler M., Salai M., Trabelsi N., Milgrom C. and Yosibash Z., “, Bone,  110, pp. 215-220, (2018).

When and where do patients with bone metastases actually break their femur? A CT-based finite element analysis of patients

Sternheim Amir, Traub Frank, Trabelsi Nir, Gortzak Yair, Dadia Solomon, Snir Nimrod, Gorfine Malka and  Yosibash Z., The Bone & Joint Journal,   102-B, No. 5, (2020) pp. 638-645.

Assessing hip fracture risk in type-2 diabetic patients using CT-based autonomous finite element methods – a feasibility study

Rotman D., Arieli G., Rojas-Lievano J., Schermann H., Trabelsi N., Salai M.,Yosibash Z. and Sternheim A., The Bone & Joint Journal103-B(9), pp. 1497-1504, (2021)

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